New Year Resolutions 2015: Check-in #7

August is here! Hope you have all been enjoying the summer. I got a little bit more organized this month in regards to my resolutions. Key phrase: a little bit :P

1. Practice French for 1 hour a week: Another fail. I really need to get on this French thing. I feel like my time in Quebec has really gone down the drain :(

2. Make videos: I made a video! Yay!

3. Write down one good thing every day: Pass.

4. Running Goals: Refer to my blog post here. 5k run in under 27 minutes. Read the post here. 10k run in under 55 minutes! Read post here. Signed up for the NYC Marathon in November. Still have to sign up for a half before the full marathon.

5. Drive 10 times or less a month: I am officially changing this… although… I still failed reaching this goal. Lol. I drove 17 times in July.

Food: Boon Burger (Winnipeg)

I’m not a vegan. I’m not even vegetarian. But I really like vegan and vegetarian food! It would be an easy transition for me if someone said I HAD to become vegetarian or vegan. The only thing I would REALLY miss is bacon ;)

Anyway, whenever I visit my parents in Winnipeg, I always make a lunch stop at Boon Burger (It’s also right around the corner from where I work in Winnipeg. Very convenient).  It is an all VEGAN burger joint… and it’s DELICIOUS! I honestly think that any meat lover could find at least a couple things they would deem delicious there as well!

A lot of people make fun of my hometown, but the restaurant scene there is on point! So next time you find yourself in the middle of the Canadian Prairies, make sure you try a restaurant or two. Below is the Bacun and Cheeze Burger ;)


Running: Calgary Marathon 10K

Well, this post is over a month late :P

At the end of May, I ran the 10K at the Calgary Marathon.  My goal was 10k under 55. Like the 5k, my goal became slower as the race neared. Lol. On the day of the race, I was aiming for anything under 57 minutes. When I got to the starting area, disaster struck (Lol. Not really. Although, I did think it was awful at the time). My Garmin watch didn’t turn on! It had been in my bag and I guess my water bottle leaked and my watch got wet (Fortunately, it works now).  My younger cousin was running the 10k as well, but she was aiming for a 50 minute 10k. So I thought I’d pace with her as long as I could, then after that, wish for the best. I paced with her for 3k. And then I found an older gentleman that looked like an under 1 hour type of guy and followed him for the rest of the race. However, he was actually an under 55 minute type of guy as I finished the race under my original goal time! Thank you older gentleman! Lol. I finished with a gun time of 54:30 and a chip time 54:19. I also completed my Calgary Marathon medal collection. Yipee! :)