Travels: Best purse for travelling

I bought the Festival Bag from Lululemon before I left for Quebec. I wanted a bag that was pretty enough to take out in the evening but versatile enough to take with me on my crazy adventures. I love this bag because you can wear it as a purse, a hip sack, or any other way you discover. Unfortunately, Lululemon is notorious for discontinuing items quickly, so grab it while you can.

Here’s a picture of me using it as a hip sack for hiking.


Travels: Best online French-English dictionary

I’m just about to start my 7th week of French class in the beautiful province of Quebec. My time here is flying by. Anyway, if you need a good reference for French-English translation, I suggest I like it because it gives you examples of different phrases on how you can use the word. It also tells you if the word is masculine or feminine. Why is a car in French feminine? Who knows…

Happy travels :)

New Years Resolutions 2014: Check in #7

Survived my first month in Quebec!

1. Chai Latte obsession.

Pass. I had one at the airport before I left for Quebec and haven’t had one since (because I don’t know how to order one in French. Lol.)

2. 2 blog entries per month.

Pass. Barely. Learning a new language is exhausting!

3. Food garden.

I’m hoping my basil plant is still alive! I should ask my cousin to send me a picture ;)

4. Run a marathon.

Done. See post here.

5. Learn to cook.

Haven’t cooked much here. Although, I learned how to make sucre a la creme and the dough for tourtieres! :)

Travels: Packing List for 3 Months in Quebec

Here is the list of items I packed for my 3 month stay in Quebec.

On the plane, I wore:
Runners, hoodie, tshirt, sweats, scarf

In my purse:
Wallet, keys, phone, portable charger, earbud headphones, passport, travel documents, snacks, kleenex, wipes, retainers (I’m a nerd), prescriptions, phone

Checkin luggage:
Small packing cube
Underwear x 14, Bra x 8, Multipurpose head gear, Bathing suit, Swim cap
Large packing cube
(In large compression bag) Bath robe, towel, face cloth, hand towel
+ sweater, cardigan, dress, scarf
Medium compression bag 1
Rain jacket, running jacket, fall jacket
Medium compression bag 2
Jeans, hiking pants, leggings, shorts, running capris x 2, running tights, running shorts x 2
Medium compression bag 3
Socks x 7; PJs, Running tank top x 3, Running shirt x 2, tank top, cami
Toiletry bag
Retainer cleaner, makeup brushes, tweezers, nail cutter, eyelash curler, eyebrow pencil, eyeliner, qtips, make up songes, soap, makeup sharpener, foundation, cotton pads, scissors, razors, eye shadow, blush/bronzer, pads, feminine hygiene products
Other Items
Hair straightener
Walking shoes
Ballet flats
Outdoor sandals

Laptop (+ charger), school and work material, pencil case (with pencils, pens, etc), notebooks, snacks, usb key, agenda, water bottle, sunglasses, glasses

Carry on:
Toiletry bag for liquids
Shampoo, conditioner, mouthwash, toothpaste, setting spray, body spray, body lotion, mascara, concealer, sunscreen, vaseline, almond oil, laundry detergent, eyebrow gel
Xs toiletry bag
Tothbrush, floss, compact, tea tree oil stick, hair ties, deodorant, bandaids
Other Items
Extra tshirt, underwear, shorts
Tablet (+ charger)
Camera (+ charger, usb adapter)
Running watch (+ charger)
Phone charger, laundry bag, extra ziploc and plastic bags