Travels: Art all over!

I love walking. When I get to a city, I like to stay in a central location and just walk until I can’t walk any longer. I prefer this method because you discover all sorts of things, like art!

I was walking through Old Quebec City and I started to notice all these modern art installations, like this one called Delirious Frites.


And then as I was walking along the Rideau Canal in Ottawa, I saw a wonderful scene painted on the stairs.


Running: While Travelling

I was away from home for over 2 months. It was hard to keep up with my mileage with the crazy schedule I had, so I just made it a goal to get out and run. Simple as that. Some days it was only 15 or 20 minutes but I was okay with that. I only missed 4 days in total: 2  because of rain and 2 were travelling days. The biggest benefit about running in a new place is that you get to see all the little nooks and crannies of it.


Running in Gatineau,Quebec.

New Years Resolutions 2014: Check in #8

Still in Quebec!

1. Chai Latte obsession.

Pass. I had one at a cafe in town. It tasted off. I could’ve ordered the wrong drink,  but I think chai latte is the same in French and English.

2. 2 blog entries per month.

Pass.  Yipee!

3. Food garden.

I’m assuming my basil plant is alive. I just messaged my cousin to send me a picture. Lol.

4. Run a marathon.

Done. See post here.

5. Learn to cook.

No cooking here but will start back when I return. That’s if they’ll ever let me out of here!

Travels: Best purse for travelling

I bought the Festival Bag from Lululemon before I left for Quebec. I wanted a bag that was pretty enough to take out in the evening but versatile enough to take with me on my crazy adventures. I love this bag because you can wear it as a purse, a hip sack, or any other way you discover. Unfortunately, Lululemon is notorious for discontinuing items quickly, so grab it while you can.

Here’s a picture of me using it as a hip sack for hiking.


Travels: Best online French-English dictionary

I’m just about to start my 7th week of French class in the beautiful province of Quebec. My time here is flying by. Anyway, if you need a good reference for French-English translation, I suggest I like it because it gives you examples of different phrases on how you can use the word. It also tells you if the word is masculine or feminine. Why is a car in French feminine? Who knows…

Happy travels :)