New Years Resolutions 2014: Check in #6

June went by way too fast!

1. Chai Latte obsession.

Pass. I only had one latte at the beginning of the month. I still haven’t attempted to make them at home.

2. 2 blog entries per month.

Pass. I’m heading to Quebec for a few months. I hope I can keep up the 2 blog posts per month. I have some videos from my trip to Vancouver in May that I still haven’t edited. *sigh*

3. Food garden.

My basil plant is looking good ;) I’m giving my plant to a relative while I’m gone. I hope it survives.


4. Run a marathon.

Done. See post here.

5. Learn to cook.

Haven’t cooked much. Been trying to empty out my fridge and cupboards since I’m leaving for a few months.

Calgary Marathon 2014: Race Report (and the return of my arch nemesis)

One of my goals this year was to complete a full marathon. Prior to this year, I had only run around Central Park 4 times in the make-shift NYC Marathon in 2012 (The year of Hurricane Sandy). Although I did run 26.2 miles, it wasn’t an official race.

My training went fairly smoothly. I didn’t seriously injure myself (I rolled my ankle on a hike 2 weeks prior to the race, but that’s it). I was very disciplined during my taper and cut down on my mileage (although I really wanted to run a lot). I had absolutely NO IT Band issues (which is my main problem). My goal for the race was to not get injured (and secretly finish under 5 hours).

As usual, the first 10K flew by. Then the hills started. I hate hills. I’m from the prairies. I have no problem running in horrible weather (blizzards, rain storms, gusting winds) but give me a hill and I die. I try to incorporate them in training but obviously I didn’t try hard enough. However, I got through it and by the time I knew it I was at 21.1K and I was feeling good! Then, at 25K, my arch nemesis appeared. My IT Band started tightening up. I could not believe it. It had not bothered me for the past 6 months. I swear, it hates the Calgary Marathon! I tried to run it off but then I decided to be responsible and walk. I walked for a long time. I was going to walk until the 5 hour pace bunny came, but I never saw it. But magically, at 30K, the pain went away! I was way behind, but I didn’t care, I was just happy I wasn’t in pain anymore. I booted it to the finish line and finished with a chip time of 5:03:50 :)

Here are some of my take-aways from the race:

1. I’m a cold weather runner. I need to run more in the heat. It was an unusually hot day and I was not ready for the heat to suck out my energy and give me CRAMPS! I never had cramps while running before! I was hydrating probably 5 times more than I usually do.

2. My nutrition leading up to the race was on point! I had no digestion issues and didn’t even have to visit a port-a-potty once.

3. I need to run more hills. WAAAAAAAAHHHH! :(

Overall, I was pleased even if I ran injured and over 5 hours.  The volunteers and supporters were awesome as always and the running community in Calgary is equally awesome. And to top it all off, I got a fancy belt buckle as a finisher’s medal ;)


Travels: Mexico Budget

Here is the breakdown of my budget to Cancun, Mexico. 6 days, 5 nights. I always forget to account for cell phone charges.

Item Budget Actual Difference
Anna’s Flight (split with Anna)  $     180.00  $     182.93 -$         2.93
Flight/Hotel (split with Anna)  $  1,450.00  $  1,305.53  $     144.47
Excursions (split with Anna)  $     300.00  $     240.61  $       59.39
Airport Transfer  $        50.00  $        28.58  $       21.42
Spending/Tips (Cash)  $     100.00  $        75.23  $       24.77
Fishing  $     100.00  $        93.72  $          6.28
Taxi  $        70.00  $     137.46 -$       67.46
Telus Roaming  $               -  $        28.40 -$       28.40
One Sim  $               -  $        29.00 -$       29.00
Visa Charges  $               -  $        55.03 -$       55.03
 $  2,250.00  $  2,176.49  $       73.51

New Years Resolutions 2014: Check in #5

1. Chai Latte obsession.

Failed this month. I went to Vancouver for a week and the overwhelming number of Starbucks got to me. I think I may have had 4 in May. BTW Oprah Chai Latte is nothing special.

2. 2 blog entries per month.

Check :)

3. Food garden.

I have a teeny weeny bit of basil that is struggling to survive.


4. Run a marathon.

Done :) It was painful. But it’s done. I’ll write a separate post on it soon.

5. Learn to cook.

Still cooking the same recipes from last month :)

Invisalign Journey: Last Tray!

I am on my LAST TRAY of my Invisalign treatment! Hurray! :) I must say, the time has just flew by! I am very pleased with the results of the treatment. It corrected both my overbite and overjet. Most importantly, it’s almost impossible for me to clench my teeth together because my bite is fixed.  There are a few cosmetic things I’d probably like to get done to have the “perfect smile”, but I’m not in a rush to do that any time soon. I’m just glad that the “structural” parts of my mouth are perfect :P

If you looked at a before and after picture of me, I don’t think you can tell the difference. But since it’s my mouth and I stare at myself on a daily basis, I can totally tell the difference. My top teeth don’t protrude out as much. The arch on my top teeth widened to match the arch on my lower teeth. The overjet on my front top teeth has been fixed as well.

I’ll probably post pictures when they take proper ones at my next appointment. Until then, you’ll just have to take my word ;)

I think one of the best parts of this experience has been the staff at the orthodontist office. I loved all of them! They take notes on things they learn about me and ask me about them at my next check up! So cute! For example, they continuously ask me about how my family is and how everything is going post Olympics or about my condo that I moved into when I first started my treatment last summer. It’s a welcoming and nurturing atmosphere to be in at every visit.

That’s all for now. My next post about my “Invisalign Journey” will be about getting all my attachments removed from my teeth and getting my retainers. Stay tuned :)